Wednesday, December 30, 2015

US Thrill Rides (Maker of the Worlds Tallest Roller Coaster) Has Announced a 2nd Tallest Polercoaster for Atlantic City, New Jersey!

Another Polercoaster Announced for Atlantic City!  Now going to be the 2nd Tallest Polercoaster in the World!

Summit Polercoaster Concept Atlantic City New Jersey Art Roller Coaster
The summit of the 350 foot Journey on the Proposed Polercoaster for Atlantic City, NJ
That's right, US Thrill Rides & Intamin have landed themselves permission to build another Polercoaster in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA.  The concept just received approval at another site in Orlando weeks before this announcement.
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What's Interesting about the concept art of this Polercoaster is there are no elevators in the middle, no drop towers, no observation deck.  The ride seems to be a bare-boned version of the previous models of the Polercoaster like we've seen before, take a look for yourself:

Polercoaster Concept art for the Skyplex Orlando Plaza in Florida Roller Coaster thrill Ride Worlds TallestEntire Tall Layout for the Polercoaster Atlantic Station New Jersey Roller Coaster
Both of these images were released this year as new concept art when US Thrill Rides made the decision to go with another ride manufacturing company to suit its needs.  Intamin Amusement Rides has taken the place of S & S Power.  Us Thrill Rides sites their reason for the switch was simply a capacity reason.  Intamin has the launch system that will make the upward journey much faster, resulting in a shorter ride time.  See the Video below to see how the new system works!

The Station for the Polercoaster
I think the new ride should be greatly improved with Intamin as the new ride supplier.  I wonder what the actual track will be like.  If it looks like the concept art track, then it's definitely not Intamin's standard track design.  Also, the cars are not normally the type of train that Intamin would design either.  As you can see here, this is what the station would look like.  None of this really screams Intamin to me, except for the support structure which looks like top thrill dragster.

The New Launched Lift Hill Will Take Guests 350ft Straight Up!
It's been a long time since these project were first announced.  I believe that this company is running into lots more hurdles as far as zoning laws go.  Think about it, theme parks already have negotiated building rights with the land they own.  Sometimes they will have to apply to the state if they're building a huge attraction like Fury 325 for example. But with these attractions, they're being sold to properties outside of amusement parks.  Thus US Thrill Rides has to do lots of public educating, and work with local governments to approve the process.  
I can't wait to see the final product, but I still think it's going to be a couple of years before we even see one of these attractions open.

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