Monday, November 18, 2013

The New Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay!

How on earth this park pulled through, I have no idea!  But now, the New Kentucky Kingdom is BACK and it's "better than ever!"  Ahem, but really friends. . . I really like the direction this park is taking in the immediate and near future!  They're opening with a new coaster Lightning Run, and Thunder Run, one of the best Dinn & Summers woodies, has been completely re-tracked!

Lightning Run looks like it will be a sick Chance-Morgan Hyper GT-X Coaster, continue for more!

Disney Toy Craziness


I swear, kids these days . . . they got all the good toys!

New novelty toys at Disney Resorts!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Worlds First PoleRcoaster to be Built in Emerson, Georgia!

Well folks, I remember writing a post back when I heard about this Crazy concept but now it seems it's becoming a reality.  The world's first PoleRCoaster is being built in Emerson, Georgia of all places.  The development is going to be called the LakePoint Sporting Community and will feature a multi-modal development used for children's sporting matches, shopping, entertainment, and now THRILL-SEEKERS!  This will be the tallest coaster in Georgia, and the tallest in the Southeast!  See the YouTube Video for a better Idea of what this will be like!

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