Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mind Eraser - On Ride POV | Six Flags America [Vekoma SLC]

Brand New POV of a Vekoma "Classic" called Mind Eraser!  There was a period when every park seemed to be building one of these out of the box, duplicated, disaster of a theme park ride.  I feel the coaster community and the general public have a pretty unanimous feeling about these roller coasters, they're terrible!

This one was also one of the roughest, and jerkiest of the variety that i've had the displeasure of experiencing (and I've been on 4 different ones).  I liked Six Flags America overall, but not really this ride.  Somehow, I did manage to ride it twice.  It's tucked away in the back of a corner of the park though so not a very "high traffic" area to begin with.

I'm glad that Vekoma has redesigned their track models, i wish parks would give them a chance, because i've heard they give alot better ride experience.  Also, the new trains that Vekoma uses also improves the ride experience.  Lots of parks that have these rides should at least consider doing that to help.  It's not like the structures are completely unsalvageable.  We've also seen now that the track on steel rides like this can be replaced.  (HINT HINT SIX FLAGS)