Saturday, July 26, 2014

New for 2015 - Thunderbird at Holiday World, the World's First Launched Wing Coaster!

New for 2015!  The 1st Launched, B&M Wing-Rider EVER!


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Well this is an interesting development, I do remember hearing rumblings of a launched steel coaster at Holiday World, but never thought we'd be treated to a Bolliger and Mabillard Launched Wing-Rider.  A very "out-of-left-field" kind of announcement.  The ride looks fun, and fairly compact for a wing-rider.  Personally, I haven't ridden one yet, but the general consensus is they seem fairly tame on the G-Force front.  At any rate, watch the video's below to decide for yourselves.  

Thunderbird - Off-Ride, Fly-Around View

Holiday World's Thunderbird flyaround


Thunderbird - POV, Left Side

Holiday World's Thunderbird left seat POV


Thunderbird - POV, Right Side

Holiday World's Thunderbird right seat POV


Thunderbird - Train Rendering

Holiday World's Thunderbird train