Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sky Screamer Media Day - SFOG - 2013

Back in may, I was able to attend the media day event for Six Flags Over Georgia's introduction of the Sky Screamer.  The ride is certainly thrilling, I would say the re-ridability is great for thrill-seekers, but many people may not venture up 240 feet.  

The ride itself is not entirely forceful, but I do like the fact that it descends at full speed to "half-mast" to swing near the tree-tops, and ascends for the final spin at maximum altitude.  If you live near Atlanta, be sure to check-out Six Flags Over Georgia.  It's definitely one of the best in the chain.

Care for an on-ride POV video?

More after the jump:

When pigs fly!  It's the Six Flags staff in pig costumes riding the Sky Screamer.

So below are the photos from the day.  We were told to arrive at 7:30 AM and were treated to a lovely reception in the parking area.  My friend had to ask if he could go in and use the restroom, as we weren't allowed in until sometime after 8:00 AM.  

Finally, after almost an hour of waiting, we were let into the park.

Here's the check-in booth.

What is that new thing on the right there?

Why, it's Sky Screamer!

Here's a look at the freshly painted queue house, that used to supply Wheelie (RIP).  At least it still lives on in Orlando.

As you can see the ride is quite colorful, and lots of chains ;-)

They never opened Ninja that day (maybe a good thing).  

Here's the new park president.

And again, he was being interviewed all day, 
and just came into the Six Flags Over Georgia family this year.

Anxious riders waiting to ascend 240 feet!

Now my turn, here's a look up at the tower, thank goodness for all of those thin chains :-\

This is the rotation and elevator mechanism.

Here's a close-up look at the control panel.

The ride-op checks the pigs.

Please, be seated!

Dancing, now what?

Super Pig?

Pigs on parade!

And again . . . 

Thanks to the staff at Six Flags Over Georgia, for a great media day event.

Here's the hot sexyness we weren't able to ride today :-(

Good-bye Goliath's helix!

Don't forget our swag!