Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Almost Absurd Coaster Concept - Las Vegas

Well folks, haven't we all wondered when the next "worlds tallest coaster" would come onto the scene?  Maybe the wait is over?  Here's a concept drawing, as well as a news article on what would be  over a 650 foot attraction in Las Vegas.

Known as the Polarcoaster, this attraction from US Thrill Rides  would prove to be a multimodal attraction on the Vegas Strip.  Equipped with restaurants, and other venues, this could be a "one stop shop" environment.  It seems though, due to the height of the attraction, that the ride would require FAA approval, also in part of the ride's proximity to the airport.

Despite the extreme height of the ride, it does not seem that the first drop would be over 600 feet, so i'm not thinking this coater would break any speed records.  I'm definitely interested to see how things pan out.  I would like to see this attraction in other cities too!